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Monday, October 31, 2016

Simplified, Energized Chaos

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Click Here to Listen to the Call. Click Here to Listen to the Question and Answer Session.  Vance wrote in his weekly email: Mom used these three words to express her experience in San Antonio last week. Now that I’ve had the opportunity to use the KenkoTouch and really study the financial impact of our improved compensation plan, I can’t wait to hear more of the stories. I wanna first cover the basics of how truly simple this plan will be in putting 25%, 35%, or 45% rebates into the pockets of everyone who joins Nikken.

Vance's Tip Of The Week

October 28th, 2016

The KenkoTouch™ - My First 12 Hours.
I’m thoroughly convinced now that even an excited story shared within seconds of an experience cannot replace ones own personal experience. Here is what I can remember from 9 to 9 on that first day.
In the amount of time that it takes to back out of my parents carport, I literally said out loud, ‘WOW!’ and caught myself grinning in the rear view mirror. I had dropped the unit behind my back and pointed it upward. In those few seconds, the massaging effect of magnetic, FIR, and negative ion technologies did the very thing that my back needed.
The five hour drive the night before and repeated episodes of what I call ‘bleacher butt/back’ had taken it’s toll on my injury from 24 years ago. While I don’t suggest jumping 75 feet off a water fall to create a testimony for the KenkoTouch™, I’m thoroughly loving life right now.

As one of our customers took my order at our regular Wednesday morning Nikken breakfast spot, she asked what was in the black box to which I pulled it out and asked where she was hurting the worst. In less than five seconds she said that she could feel tingling throughout her entire elbow. Her co-worker looked at me and asked if he could be next.

When the captain of our girls varsity volleyball team got home from school her younger sister insisted that she check out the cool device from Nikken. ‘You gotta use it Kenna! It feels really cool.’ Kenna went to work on her most pronounced bumps and bruises from the recent play-off game and it wasn’t even ten seconds that this goofy grin appeared on her face. ‘Dadda, how much does this thing cost? Whatever the amount is, it’s TOTALLY worth it!’

‘Nikken is committed to providing the highest-quality products enabling people from all walks of life to achieve Active Wellness’. I read this from the back page of the instruction brochure included with the KenkoTouch™. This and a personal experience is pretty much all the presentation we need! And yes, I’m enjoying the amazing massage from it on my lower back as I type this. I’m now a master, wedging it between couch cushions. The feeling at the very end of the ten minute session is really something that words cannot describe.

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