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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Stacking, Building, Sowing, and Reaping

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"Nikken's VP of Sales & Training Jeff Isom said it this way on the November 1st Kick-Off call, ‘Kids! Stack the incentives!!!’ Then field leaders like Rachel Dayton & Rosalyn Holgado actually put these words into action by developing Seniors and winning tons of cash. Could you use an extra $2500 for Christmas presents this year? Who would benefit from this?

What happens in 2017 is hugely dependent on what we put into action now. Take a break for the holidays and your business will take a dive in 2017. Instead, why don’t we put a few simple practices into action now so 2017 will literally explode with opportunities. I’m 100% in, are you?"

Vance's Weekly Tip

"November 18th, 2016

‘Nikken is committed to providing the highest-quality products enabling people from all walks of life to achieve Active Wellness’. 

‘Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.’ - Robert F. Kennedy

In the midst of great struggles, we can emerge as champions when we remember that someone has already endured way worse and has lived to tell their story. If we’re not living up to the goals we have for ourselves in the 5 Pillars, what are we willing to do or able to endure so that change happens?
In the last seven days, I’ve found myself tying a make-shift bandage to cover a hole in my leg left by a cable rigging hook that harpooned me, counseling daughters through an extreme tragedy at school, meeting with attorney’s to gain clarity through a lawsuit, and the list goes on. What I keep learning through weeks like this is that the tougher the issue, the stronger I can become when I go back to ponder what I’ve learned from previous life-altering experiences.

Make the Holidays Bright with Nikken
We’re not always going to win every contest, every battle, or every challenge set before us. But when we keep pursuing active wellness in all 5 Pillars, I know from personal experience we will win in the end. And the coolest thing is that we get to share these winning moments with others so they can live better lives too!"


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