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Monday, February 13, 2017

KVB Kid Kreation with Hattijane Darracott Question and Answer Session

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Click Here to Listen to Hattiejane Darrocott introduce the New Kenzen Vital Balance Meal Replacement Drink

"What better way to continue this dialogue about KVB than to have Hattiejane Darracott back with us for round two of her story. If you missed her a few weeks ago, she is approaching the 100# mark for pounds donated by using this wonderful shake. And she’s really excited about what’s about to take place with the new formula. 

Hattiejane has agreed to field questions about her routine and anything that you may want to know about her journey. Please keep all questions related to this as we want to get as much intel dispersed during the 25 to 30 minutes we have."

Further support is available with three sets of Lifestyle Support calls by extremely knowledgeable hosts with amazing groups of participants that know their stuff and really participate as amazingly FUN groups. Steve Crofoot says, "I know, I have spent a lot of the mornings the last 11 years with them. They are amazing!" 

They meet in the mornings several times a week. Links to resource materials, call schedules, dial in numbers and a list of hosts are available in the blue Section at the top of: Links to additional information by Linda Morris and Ruth Williams at their personals sites are also listed there.

Special note: Per this Picture, the West Coast Call with Ruth Williams, Valerie Johnson and Debbie Davis as Hosts will not take place February 17 through February 24, 2017. Check back for new schedule at: on the L.I.T.E. Tab for New Schedule

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"Vance's Tip of the Week:
February 10th, 2017

KVB Kid Kreation

Yes, I know how to spell creation, it just looked better with three K’s in a row. We've had the newly improved Kenzen Vital Balance for just over a week and our family is going nuts with this stuff. Not only is there more of this great stuff packed into every canister, the ingredients packed into this powder are providing way more than we expected.

Our youngest just turned 7 and she is not only a bundle of constant energy, she is an eating machine. She would be completely content having a buffet of food at her disposal all day long. The first morning we had the opportunity of making a shake, I mixed it exactly as the directions said. I used 8 ounces of almond milk in a shaker cup with two scoops of chocolate KVB. 

Here's the part where I know this stuff works... Four hours later I asked if she'd like a snack since it would be another hour or so till we ate lunch. 'I'm not hungry daddy' was her response. I wanted to know where my kid went and who was this imposter! If it will do that for an over-active 7 year old, what can it do for us adults who live more casually active lives? 

If you haven't experienced the new KVB yet, please add it to your Autoship soon so you and your family can experience it. Our two oldest often take it to school for lunch so we know they’re getting the best stuff on the planet (sorry Snapple) in a drink that will provide not only the protein their bodies need, but also the perfect brain food they need to excel during their day."


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