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Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Remarkable Kenzen Touch and New Kenzen Vital Balance

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Click Here to Listen to Vance and Crew discuss the remarkable Kenzen Touch and the new formulation of the Kenzen Vital Balance [KVB]. 

Vance writes:  "Yes, I've been just a little bit excited about the Touch and the new KVB. While the Touch is producing immediate results, the delayed benefits of the KVB with the two added superfoods is producing results almost as remarkable."

During the last week I've collected a few stories that I'm dying to share with the group. And I know that some of you have had equal or greater experiences. Let's talk about them!"

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Vance's Tip of the Week!

February 17, 2017

The Three A’s of the Nikken Touch

Appropriately Named, Affordably Priced, and Affectionately Experienced

Yes, I’ve shared this before and yet I’m not sure I even understood the magnitude of this product and it’s potential. We can touch people with this device and completely alter the environment around them. Through this process, their body will actually do what it’s supposed to do and heal itself. Because of it’s price points, most people won’t even raise an eyebrow when they hear the cost. And when they feel the results... That’s when the fun really begins.

Have you ordered your Touch and been impacted by the results? Have you taken the opportunity to share it with someone? Have you stopped for a moment to think about the potential of what this one product can do to provide active wellness to literally every person on the planet? I may be putting too many Nikken eggs into one product basket, but I see Consultants coming alive again with the Kenko Touch and I also hear Customers saying, ‘Please tell me more and how do I get one?

Let's go Touch more people today. What a great way to open the door of opportunity!


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