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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Be Friendly First and Liz Coker (Business Boomer) on Saturday AM Live!

Click Here to Listen to Liz tell you how she keeps her fire lit! "Without a high school education or any formal training as a business owner, Liz Coker set a precedent when she started Minco Technologies decades ago. This company grew to produce millions of dollars in the electronics industry and was eventually sold after three decades of success. Needless to say, Liz wasn’t looking for a business opportunity when she discovered Nikken a few years ago.

Liz was part of the 91% who simply needed some physical relief from Nikken products and knew that drugs and surgery were not the answer. And yet once the ‘coincidence’ took place in her body, she knew that she had to share it with others. Among the top producers in North America, she will share some of the simple ways she’s been sharing Nikken with others.

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If you wanna have friends, be friendly first.

It’s a little different than the way the book of Proverbs states this fact and yet I’ve watched our youngest daughter master the art of this approach. She’s ALWAYS the one to take the first step and within seconds she’s made a friend.

Earlier this week we snuck away to the Oregon coast town of Seaside for some ‘beach time’. While Stacey and I sat in the sand reading, Addi wasted no time in finding a playmate to chase sea gulls, play chicken with the surf, and discover new treasures with each passing wave. These two seven years olds didn’t know that 55 degree water is supposed to be cold.

After about an hour of this, I finally decided to meet the parents and thank them for allowing Addi to play with their daughter and keep an eye on both of them. It wasn’t long before I knew all about this family from Seattle and I had created a curiosity in Nikken. I had left my phone on the blanket so I didn’t take the few seconds to grab it so I could get their information, so time will tell if these new friends will follow up in checking out our solutions. At least they have my contact information from my card.

Bottom line is this... When we decide to smile more often, be the first to greet people, and just simply be nice, we will increase our circle of friends. When this occurs, we will more than likely add Customers from which some will become Consultants and our business grows. It all starts with being friendly first. Maybe someday soon I’ll have Addi shoot a short YouTube video explaining how she does this.

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