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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Surgery and Home Remedies on Saturday AM Live!

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All of us who have been in Nikken for any length of time have little secret ways to use these products in ways that may not be conventional, but it does the job. Like a pair of mStrides as a sleep aide to remedy a major hip issue. Or how about that same pair of insoles for hiccups? And one last insole solution... A broken button magnet from a pair of mSteps on a wound to eliminate scar tissue after surgery.

While I could share dozens off the top of my head, we wanna collect as many as we can in 30 minutes! Be ready to share yours and don’t worry about making a medical claim. Your story is your story and I’ll be sure to let everyone know that it’s just a coincidence that you used that particular product and got that particular result.

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"Non-evasive Surgery
The word ‘surgery’ is always a major derailment or distraction to how the body functions. Even though trained surgeons have perfected some amazing procedures on the human body, it’s still a shock to undergo any operation regardless of where it is on the body.

My wife, Stacey, underwent a procedure this week to remove and repair some female issues that have been impacting our lives for almost a decade. While we have used every Nikken product we could throw at the issue, most of the time with awesome results, the source of the problem was still too great to conquer. So in the end, it was removed.

While the exact details don’t need to be shared, most of us know someone or have experienced a surgery ourselves where we owe it to them and us to use products like Nikken’s to aid in the recovery process. We’re doing just that and the process has been right on track or maybe a little faster.

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The super cool part about this procedure prior, during, and afterwards is that we’ve been reminded that our bodies perform best when we enhance the environment around us. Sleep, Water, Air, and Nutrition produce the best (or worst) environment for our success. Once again, we can’t imagine NOT having these products! Surgery is still surgery, regardless of how evasive it is or isn’t. I feel compelled even more to let others know what we have.

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