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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Summer Sizzle and Gisela Stevens on Saturday AM Live!

Classy Lady Gisela Stevens
Click Here to Listen to Gisela Stevens tell her story of Health and Wealth over the last quarter century in Nikken. "Kicking off the A list of people in Nikken for more than a decade or two, Gisela Stevens is one that actually takes me back to my childhood. I was merely ten when I met her for the first time working a table for her and her late husband Steven B. Stevens. They were the guest speakers at an event my parents hosted here in Portland. She was captivating as she told one story after another with this larger than life smile on her face.

[Gisela states:] 'People ask me today why I'm in Nikken and the answer is so easy. The products changed my life in that first night and I will forever be grateful. What Steven was able to create with the business gave me the most incredible on-going source of income. And that is just as amazing as sleeping on that magnetic pad 25 years ago. I love this company and I always will!' "

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Read Vance's Tip of the Week.

Hydration is vital in warmer weather and yet it's just as important when the mercury starts to drop. Since over-hydration doesn't ever seem to plague anyone yet, I think we're not talking enough about the importance of water. Half our body weight in ounces is the magic formula. Take your current weight and divide it in half. If you weigh 120#'s, then 60 ounces or about two quarts should do the trick. Obviously more if you're sweating, but you get the idea.

Enjoying Amazing Times
with Her Grandsons

Another formula that my friend Dr. Ted Lehman shared with me years ago that he always shared with his patients is this funny statement: If you're yellow, You ain't mellow! The ideal color of our urine should be clear. If it's yellow or even brown, then we are not hydrated. Sure, some supplements like the men's and women's formula can taint this within a few hours after swallowing, but the rule of thought still applies.

'I don't like the taste of water!' Or my favorite excuse, 'When I drink water I have to pee too much.' These are the most common excuses I hear and I know that there are so many more.

One of Gisela's
Secrets to Youth
Know anyone with these issues:
Back pain
Muscle cramps
Extra weight
Sore feet
Skin disorders
Body odor
Lack of mental clarity

The list is so much longer than these, but all of the above have been proven to lessen or even disappear when the person starts consuming more water.

Daughters are Wonderful!

So the next time someone asks about anything that Nikken may have for________. Please do them a huge favor by asking them how much water they drink. If you're really feeling bold, ask them again, but this time ask them to answer honestly. Often we're embarrassed and we lie. And what is the source of the water? Tap? Bottled? We might suggest the best water on the planet from a Waterfall or Sports Bottle. It's extremely affordable and it could very well could change their life and their lives of their entire family.


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