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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Summer Sizzle & Maximizing Perks on Saturday AM Live!

Listen to this weeks call where Vance and friends share some incredible wisdom: "With multiple promotions, freebie's, and some major incentives all taking place at the same time, I feel it's imperative that we chat about how we can maximize all of them at the same time. Usually, about the time we wrap our heads around these things it's too late. Fortunately, most of these are long-term so once we we've got them dialed in, we and our customers will benefit for quite awhile."

Read Vance's Tip of the Week.

Summer Sizzle

We hit triple digits this week in Portland and have now gone 60 days without rain. Not at all a cause for panic yet, but we are loving aspects of our Nikken home, especially the Vital Balance for cool treats. And then there's the CM Cream & thermals for that accidental sun exposure.

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As we tend to wear less clothing in the warmer months, I am even more grateful of the fact that I can suggest the Vital Balance for an organic solution to weight management. Two scoops in water is the ideal way to go for me, but today I went a little overboard on pushing both the plant-based and protein envelopes. And when you do some of the crazy things I do during the day, having a high energy start is crucial.

Here's what I came up with:
Two scoops of chocolate KVB
One scoop of peanut butter powder
One scoop of chia seeds
One scoop of flax seed meal
One scoop of hemp seed hearts

Mix all of the above in the Nikken shaker cup with 10 ounces of PiMag water and you get 45 grams of plant protein! The result for me was a fast powerful meal to full my body the lasted well beyond any typical breakfast. Would I do this every day? No, but on a hot day like today, I'm grateful to beat the heat with my over-the-top shake.

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