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Saturday, December 2, 2017

25 Year Celebration & Dennis Williams on Saturday AM Live!

An Amazing Friend!
Dennis Williams
Click Here to Listen to Vance and Dennis celebrate and share about the last 25 years of 'Playing Nikken' together.

"Dennis Williams is a mentor, friend, and so much more! Sharing 25 years of memories will be the theme of the call. Dennis is a master story teller as everyone who’s heard him will agree and yet it’s his candid approach that opened up my eyes a quarter century ago and still causes me to follow his lead today. I encourage you to invite a friend to hear the person that I often refer to as ’the Paul Harvey of Nikken’."

Please Read Vance's Tip of the Week

"December 2nd, 1992

I remember standing next to the fax machine thinking and praying, ‘God, I’d like to earn $500-$600 a month sharing these products and this business with people. Please let this come to pass.’

As my distributorship application fed into the tray, I’m not sure what I was really expecting, but I never could have dreamed that 25 years later I’d be reflecting back on such an amazing history. The places Stacey, our girls and I have traveled to, the people we’ve met, the lifelong friends we’ve made, the impact these products have made in miraculous ways, etc, etc, and etc. The Millionaires Club, President’s Club, Polar Bear Club, and Auto/Home Program before my 30th birthday were an added bonus too.

It took me two full months to make that decision to become a distributor. Yep, I guess I was a slow learner. But today, I think I’m figuring out how to start each and every day a little faster using the 5 Pillars and Kaizen philosophy’s. What can I do today to improve myself in these areas so that I can become a better contribution to those around me?

The text I received from our oldest daughter just yesterday was a perfect cherry on top to celebrate this 25 year mark. She included the email from the Watanabe Scholarship Foundation which stated that they were mailing a check early to pay for her Spring semester tuition at American University.

If the first 25 years have been this great, I can hardly imagine what the next 25 years will be like! I think my simple prayer has come to pass which is why I’ve already started asking for more. Not so much for more money (although that’s part of it), simply a richer experience.

Vance Rogers"

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