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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Do You Hear What I Hear and Julie Tara (JOY) on Saturday AM Live!

Great Times at Team Kaizen 2017 Trip
Click Here to Listen to Julie Tara and Vance Rogers share some of their, diligently, carefully, attentively, studiously, painstakingly, meticulously and thoroughly learned, "God Inspired Wisdom". Such invaluable mentor-ship on how to work, ponder and serve in these "Tumultuous Times" of sorrow, disappointment, and uncertainty we are faced with daily. Little adjustments in  attitude and amplitude that allow you to experience the joys of life you are seeking.

Vance Emailed this Week: "Julie Tara is an example of this great Christmas song in that she has lived her Nikken life hearing what is good, positive, and delightful. She’s not been exempt of her share of tragedy and pain, but what she has done with that is developed a super solid core belief system in the positive.

True joy comes from deep within and I’ve asked Julie to share some of what keeps her laser focused on this. She’s written and published a book of poetry that really creates an environment of growth. I’m confident that you will be blessed by what she shares.

Looking forward to sharing a little joy with you,


Vance's Beautiful Family 2017
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December 22, 2017

"Do you hear what I hear?

Of all the Christmas carols and songs that our family has been pumping into our brains in the car and at home during the last few weeks, this one song always captivates me every time. What we focus on is what we hear.

[it] is good or bad makes no difference. It’s what we allow into our lives that takes root. I just finished a delightful phone chat with my friend and mentor Ruth Williams. She and I talked about several things and both of us were very encouraged when we finished. Most of the topics were very positive which created much laughter.

Our youngest daughter Addi just popped down the stairs proclaiming that there are only 3 more days till Christmas. What I hear her saying is almost overshadowed by her glee of excitement. She doesn’t focus on all the stress that this season brings some people or how a first Christmas without a loved one brings sorrow. No! She only knows that Christmas brings great things like presents and the message of a baby who changed the course of history.

My Christmas wish is that, like Addi, you can hear the good things that surround all of us and tune out those things that are not wholesome or positive. After all, what we hear is not what is the loudest, but what we choose to listen to.


PS I've attached [download below] a little present that should be available soon. In the meantime, open it, share it, and have fun with it."

Click Here to Download  a sneak peak of the printers markup of Dr.Gary Lindner's new Self Care Awakening - Be Healthy by Choice, Not By Chance 12 pg booklet. It is cool!

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