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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Nikken in the News and Power Trio on Saturday AM Live!

Suzanne, Ann, Laurie
Click here to Listen to this Weeks Call. These ladies are amazing, and Vance isn't too bad himself!

"Suzanne Steele, shared Nikken with both her sister Laurie and her aunt Ann. These three family members are on a mission that is quite amazing. Their ‘elevator stories’ blew me away and their passion for sharing Nikken is something that I just had to share with you."
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May 18, 2018,

"Nikken in the News

Zig Ziglar taught me to read both the Bible and the top news stories. This way I’ll know what both sides are up to.

Suzanne and Laurie
Before KVB

All kidding aside, this tip has proved to very one of the most valuable lessons from the great teacher that Zig was and will always be to me. In all the different news stories that jumped out at me this week besides a US Embassy opening in Jerusalem, a volcano erupting in Hawaii, and then more about FBI digressions, what really caught my attention was two numbers in the news.

29 and 14

Currently in the country of England, 29% of children are overweight and 14% are obese. I was just as shocked as you are. While I didn’t take the time to investigate what our stats in North America are, I found one article fascinating because it shared how the British government with socialized health care is taking an aggressive stance because they know that being overweight is the #1 cause of heart disease. They either do something about it now or they’ll be paying for it astronomically for decades to come. They’re even in the process of banning all television advertising prior to 9:00pm that includes any processed, sugary, or fast food companies.

Laurie after KVB and Ann
Is this too radical? I don’t think so. Given that we in the U.S. are knocking on the door of 70% of us being overweight, we might wanna consider the fact that we have a serious problem. I have yet to find a traditional diet company like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or the endless infomercial ads that focus on what Nikken has done with our KVB. There are a few Network Marketing companies that are attempting, but the ingredients are terrible. Plant based proteins are the absolute best way to start the day and I’m still searching for one that tastes as great as ours, cost less, and provides such awesome results. Don’t worry, I only have to search as far as our kitchen to find what I’m looking for.

While Nikken may not be in the top news stories, the top news stories are in Nikken’s products. We have a solution folks and it’s our job to share it."


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