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Sunday, May 6, 2018

A Families Quest for Hope and Some Answers on Saturday AM Live!

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According to the Center for Diseases Control’s latest statistics, 1 in 59 children will be impacted with autism. Ebony Combs experienced this when her daughter, Dana, was two years old and it’s been an alarming journey for the last two years. That is until two months ago when she discovered Nikken. [During the call,] She answers several questions about their family’s experience and [shares] some of the simple solutions that Nikken provided to radically change the dynamics of life for them. And while it’s simply their experience and not a medical claim, Nikken brought hope when it seemed like a hopeless situation.


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May 6, 2018

You Never Know When...

I have to admit, after using the Nikken solutions for two decades, I have been privileged to learned a thing or two.
1) Think out of the box. Have a burning desire to figure out unusual ways you can use the Nikken Solutions. You never know when you will encounter a reason to use them.

2) Always have more solutions with you than you personally need. You or someone you know and love may benefit.

5 Hours After Being
Slammed in Van Door
Case in point. After the call Saturday, that afternoon, Carol and I enjoyed an outing with two of our daughters families. We were with several of our grand children as they interacted with many baby farm and exotic animals at a petting zoo. Additionally, I was also able to hold my newest week old grandson for the first time. We had a fun time.

When we were leaving to come home some unplanned excitement struck. As I was climbing into the side door of my daughter's Mercedes Van, someone decided to close the front door. It slammed shut with the fingers of my right hand in the wrong place. Wow, my nap on the way home was suddenly not a possibility! 

I was in total shock about what had just happened. Within seconds, a couple of my fingers were showing some really interesting colors. I didn't have my normal arsenal of products with me like when I'm out and about in Carol's car or my truck. Luckily, I usually have a MagFlex, that's slipped inside a Terry Cloth Wash Mitt and tucked into a back pocket or the waist band of my pants. I quickly pulled them out of my jeans and shoved my hand into the mitt with my fingers up against the MagFlex.

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I took the picture of my fingers approximately five hours later. They didn't look perfect, but they looked and felt truly amazing for what they had been through such a short time before.

Thank you Nikken for providing us with such amazing solutions. We can easily have them with us every time we need them, no matter where we go.

Moral of the store: Be Prepared. Have a few extras. You will be glad you did!

Have an Awesome Week Everyone,


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