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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Unto The Least of These and Dave Johnson on Saturday AM Live

Click here to Listen to Dave and Vance.

Dave and Valerie Johnson could write a book on the diversity of children. After all, they’ve had a front row seat on raising more than most of us. I’ve asked Dave to share some of the success stories of utilizing Nikken’s solutions for raising healthy kids. While we don’t have children’s vitamins, we do have the best products in the world for improving the environment where they spend the bulk of their time growing up.

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May 5, 2018

"Unto The Least of These

Sitting at the airport IHOP just after midnight brought a wave of emotions. Stacey and I were facing our three daughters on the other side of the booth as they laughed, giggled, and even cried at times. We had just picked up Kenna after her first year at American University in Washington DC. These three sisters were now united again, for at least a few weeks before the globe trotter leaves for Tanzania and Uganda. And then upon her return home, Emily will head to Peru.

Besides almost wetting myself with laughter as Addi described in great detail to her two older sisters her first encounter, a few days prior, with a bald eagle, I couldn’t help wonder what we’re doing right to raise three incredible and yet crazy girls. It took us all forever to decide what to eat because we really couldn’t find anything healthy on the menu and that’s when it hit me. Roger Drummer said it best, ‘In order to have healthy children, we must have healthy parents’. We’ve done our best to model healthy living and instruct our girls so naturally they’ve followed suite. Of course no one is perfect and just like their parents, they’ve made poor choices at times and so will we, but it’s a short video like this that keeps us making better choices:

If you have not watched the updated version of this, I encourage you to do so. I remember seeing ‘A Wake Up Call’ years ago when we were first introduced to Healthy Child, Healthy World and a few days later being at a Nikken event with Emily who said after viewing it, ‘That’s really good Daddy’.

If we’re gonna take care of the least of these who God entrusted to our care, we must first take care of ourselves. Thank heavens we have products from Nikken that allow us to do that!"


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