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Saturday, November 3, 2018

iCan Attitude and Dr. Stanley Bogusz Being Interviewed by Elaine Mathews!

Dr. Stan Bogusz

Click Here to Listen to This Weeks Call with Guest Host Elaine Mathews. 

"Like the beginning of Nikken, Dr. Stanley Bogus has spent his life focusing on our feet. As a podiatrist, he fully understands the value of what can happen in the 90,000 nerve endings in each foot and the reason why Mr. Masuda’s vision to have a pair of magnetic insoles in every pair of shoes is so vital."

Read Vance's Tip of the Week.

"November 2, 2018

iCan Attitude

Being married to a teacher of 91 students, helping two daughters navigate college, and then attempting to keep up with a 3rd grader gives me more than enough reason to stay in an educational mode everyday. Two years ago on a Wednesday afternoon I heard my very first iCan Attitude session and I was more than hooked. I literally made a decision that day to make sure I became a star pupil. That decision paid off as a few months later we were part of Team Kaizen.

Since then, I’ve had the privilege of facilitating this course several times, each one being better than the last. Life changing, marriage building, customer exploding, business expanding, mind altering, addiction ending, and so many other descriptions come from this course every 12 weeks.

We’re starting again and if you’re ready for one of the best educations of your life, then this could very well be the course for you. What’s it gonna cost me you ask???

15-25 minutes a day
A weekly connection call on Tuesday evening (30-35 minutes)
Mild memorization
Giving up negativity
Commitment to yourself and the group

The iCan2 tab at has all 12 lessons and lesson 12 is a 14 minute overview of the entire program. Check it out, text me ‘I’m all in’ with your name to 503-348-0749, and you can be part of amazing roller coaster ride.

Barb Satterwhite, recent winner of the Humans Being More award in Toronto, said the other day, ‘I did this course three times and I still cannot believe how much I grew through each course!’ .


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