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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Gratefulness and Kenko Ground News on Saturday AM Live!

Suzanne, Gary and Auntie Ann
Click Here to Listen to this Weeks Call about the KenkoGround.
"For Suzanne and Ann, the subject of grounding is not necessarily a topic of their expertise, but when you have a gathering of people who get to touch, use, and enjoy the benefits of the Kenko Ground, then they just might have something worthwhile to share. The stories are varied and all over the page, but it’s the spirit behind what these three experienced that all of us can benefit from."

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November 23, 2018

"So Incredibly Grateful

I had just taken my first bite of Thanksgiving breakfast when my pager buzzed indicating that we had an emergency. Over the years when people discover that I’m a volunteer firefighter, they usually ask if we have shifts. My response of yes, it’s a shift of 365, 24/7, usually renders a response of amazement.

That’s the thing about living a life of gratefulness. We don’t get the opportunity of taking a shift. God continues to ask us to live a life of thankfulness as we look forward to the next best opportunity. These next steps or duties may not appear to be fun or something a child would get excited about, but to the person who’s constantly looking for opportunities to serve, it’s simply the right thing to do.

The Humans Being More spirit is what compels people to share Nikken. Sure, there’s always a reward in the end, but I truly believe it’s because of a grateful spirit that we continue sharing these products and this company with others. We’re grateful of what we’ve experienced and we know that the results are something worth passing on.

It’s probably just a coincidence that on turkey day, our patient’s last name was Turkington, but the words of the grandma as we exited her home were exactly what we as Nikkenites hear every time another person encounters this gift of wellness…. Thank You."


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