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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Legacy Part 3 and Children's Stories

Jake a few weeks later
Click Here to Listen to This Weeks Call with Stories about our children.

The variety of stories about Nikken products and the impact on young people is endless. Whether it’s hydration to end hyperactivity, magnetics to alter sleep disruptions, or some basic nutrition changes to eliminate low iron levels, a wellness home can impact everyone who lives there. If you’ve got a story from your home or one that you’ve heard, let’s share them.

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June 28, 2019

Legacy Part 3

Years ago I remember Roger Drummer saying that as important as it is to create an environment for healthy children, we must first focus on the adults who are creating that for the next generation. While we are seeing a huge rise in alternative healthy foods, we seem to be going backwards with the other negative environmental issues such as 5G, more access to Wi-Fi, smaller devices to be ‘plugged in’, etc. It was ten years ago when I first saw the four minute video by Healthy Child, Healthy World called A Wake Up Story. Chemicals are one thing, but today it’s much worse with the electronic chemicals that can fill our homes.
It was my friend Barb Satterwhite (RN) who asked me the question, ‘do you know where in your home you are most subject to electronic poisoning?’ She went onto share that while things like excessive use of microwaves are terrible for food nutrients, things like an electronic can opener, smart meters, and other electronic devices produce negative EMF’s which impact our homes terribly.

Nikken allows us to alter the environment where we live by creating literal places of refuge for ourselves and the next generation. I spoke to a customer this week who told me all about grounding, but only in the summer because it gets too cold in the winter to walk around barefoot. She’s looking at the Kenko Ground. Another customer who loves camping shared that he is considering to moving to a more tolerable climate so he can camp year round. He paid me cash for the Kenko Ground and couldn’t wait to get it.

A Summer Morning at Vance's House
It’s more than just a grounding device when it’s combined with all the other products of a wellness home. When we start making improvements, our havens will be altered for the better by allowing a connection to the ground to pull the inflammation from our bodies. Just ask Ron Clark who even in a wellness home was still suffering from arthritis in his hands, neck, and shoulders. He’s so excited about the results he’s getting with the Kenko Ground that he’s assembling a collection of stories. Please email him yours today so we can improve the legacy of lives!

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