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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Wildfires and Kimball Sergant

Kimball Sargent
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"Snapshots of San Antonio with Sargent Sparky herself!  Kimball Sargent is truly a wildfire.  Her weekly presence on the Sizzle calls has been a huge boost for us and she was one of the attendees/presenters in Texas.  For those of us who couldn’t be there live, this will be a great way to take a glimpse at Kimball’s collection of Polaroids."

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"November 1, 2019


The Santa Anna winds in Southern California are a regular part of the Fall season. What is also becoming a regular occurrence is the wildfires that start for a variety of reasons and bring trauma to literally millions of people who are nearby or those of us connected to them. Just the Kincade fire alone threatening over 90,000 homes has 5245 personal assigned to it which at the time of this writing is 65% contained.

The same day that this fire started there was a gathering of Nikkenite's in San Antonio who started their own wildfire. Just like any assembling of people coming together to share and learn, these wellness consultants invested their time and resources into what Rick & Paige Murphy shared would be a life changing weekend. And so it was. Like a task force leader in front of his line crew, our global president Luis Kasuga shared his vision to more people who had not been impacted by the heart that continues to drive this company.

The greatest difference between a Santa Anna wind driven wildfire and the San Antonio Summit is that one is an emergency with no advance warning and yet both have much planning involved. The results of both will be new growth, one on natures timetable and the other on our timetable. What we do with the intel and the spirit behind the San Antonio experience will be up to us. And going forward with events like Salt Lake and the 45th anniversary celebration in New York City will definitely keep the wildfires burning."


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