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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Mother Knows Best and Barbara Bertucci on Saturday AM Live!

Barbara Bertucci
Click Here to Listen to this weeks call with Barbara Bertucci.

March 11, 2022

Mother Knows Best

The 50’s TV sitcom with the title ‘Father Knows Best’ featured weekly wisdom that has proved to be like the premise of Mr Rogers Neighborhood. While I would never discount the lessons that we learn from our male mentors, I was overcome with emotion this week as I knew Mom would celebrate her 80th birthday. The last few years have not been the easiest with a diagnosis of dementia, yet she continues to amaze all of us in her continued passions. What I’ve chosen to celebrate most about Mom is not the wisdom that she graciously shared, but the visionary example she modeled in so many areas in family, business, community, etc.

Growing up in a home where we always had a revolving door of short and long term residents, means that there was never a dull moment. What kept the sanity was a speech Mom would give every incoming guest. Whether it was a foster child or a single parent with their child, the three absolutes were always shared. So simple, yet so profound, she’d share:

1. Until your 18 and want to eat whatever you choose to, I will help you make wise nutrition choices.
2. Because we live in a country that provides education, you will go to school.
3. Since our family values include weekly participation in church, you will be part of that experience.

Pursuing the life of balance according to the 5 Pillars of Wellness, I know Mom was onto something.

While none of us are perfect by any means, having a foundation of absolutes like this is crucial to a successful life. Mom not only modeled it, she fostered an environment and encouraged the entire household to follow suite.

The Humans Being More experience is by far the best product Nikken has to offer. Now that it’s featured in the shopping cart, like Mom encouraged us to, I cannot think of a better education to keep everything else in check. Mom paid for my first HBM experience back in 1994 and I’ll admit I wasn’t all that thrilled in investing two whole days into this thing, yet what came out of that set my life on a course for success. Can I encourage you to do three things like she did for me? Register for the April 9th experience, invite a friend to join you, and then set yourself up to win that day by doing the basic things the night and morning of so it’s a win/win.

Mom has known best for my 53 years and Nikken has been sharing that same wisdom for nearly 50 years. Humans Being More is the catalyst for this.

One of Barbara's Life Cycle Plans
Tomorrow Morning on Saturday AM Live!

Barbara Bertucci is a mom who definitely models success is so many ways. What started out as what I like to call a typical product experience with a life altering issue developed into her world being turned right side up. Knowing that 80% of North Americans deal with a back issue, Nikken not only impacted Barb’s physical life, but every other area as well.

Here’s a short video you can share with a friend and invite them to listen:

The call will commence at 7:00am PDT and the numbers to push are 480-660-2210, code 1536#. The great gal that answers won’t tell you to enter 1536#, so be sure to do this. If you miss it live, check out this conversation and so much more at:


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