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Saturday, March 19, 2022

Super Athlete Ann Brienza is Vance's Guest

Ann Brienza
Click Here to listen to this weeks call with Ann Brienza. Vance's computer died while typing up his weekly email, so, I will give a shout to this amazing lady. 

A couple of years ago it was my privilege to be the chauffeur for Ann and her niece's, from where they were staying in Sandy, Utah, to the Nikken Summit, in Layton, Utah. Each 40 minute trip was a delight. I learned a bunch from them, and hope to be able to be spend more quality time with them some day soon.

Why do I call her a super athlete? The reason is: she logged "124 slalom water ski days" last year, "22 downhill ski days up to surgery time so far this season". And she says,"Hope to get a few spring ski days in in April, if Dr. gives me a green light". Go Ann Go! I think you are a 'skiing testimony' of the Nikken's Wellness Solutions.

Wow, Ann, you must be made of Iron. I am so envious. I thought I skied a lot as a teenager, logging about 10 to 15 times a summer of slalom water skiing, and approximately 25 days of snow skiing, the winter I was a High School Senior, and a member of the Mt. Spokane Ski Patrol and could ski for free.

Seriously folks, you will love her recovery from surgery story. She thinks like I do, 'Don't Ask', just take almost everything you own, that has the name Nikken on it, to the hospital with you. Everyone there will be amazed at the speed of your recovery. All they can do is tell you; please, have your loved one take that "thing" home. Sounds like taking everything worked just fine, and it was great for growing your business. 

Have the GREATEST Spring everybody,


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