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Saturday, September 5, 2015

September 5, 2015 Rogers Mentoring Call

September 5, 2015 Rogers Mentoring Call #29

Vance emailed this week: "Fall has arrived.  What are we doing to welcome this transitional season and seize the opportunities around us?  What are we doing to embrace the challenge letting more people know about our life-changing products?  What are we doing to let people in on the secret of financial gain through a proven 40 year old compensation plan?

September 4, 2015

‘Done.  YOU GOT 1’

That text came through at 11:03 pm on the last day of August.  To be honest, I’d come to terms with where things were and felt comfortable with our month end totals.  I went to bed.  Leave it to a long-term friend like Steve Crofoot to kick me in the rear and not settle for what’s comfortable by pushing me a little further.

Steve and Carol have been friends of ours for years and he has labored endlessly creating, recording, posting, and doing just about everything to continue getting the message of Nikken out to others.  I’m just grateful to have friends that refer to me as their ‘non boss’ as we strive together impacting lives.  Steve’s the one who has taken a little known conference call like Saturday AM Live and developed it into the great weekly broadcast that it is.


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