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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Click Here to Listen to Barb Satterwhite. Vance wrote in his weekly email. "Barb Satterwhite has been doing more than trying since she joined Nikken. Last month she generated nearly $5000 in customer sales with 26 orders! Some of the simple things that Barb does everyday may not be easy for everyone, but she knows that if she doesn’t do them the response from existing and potential customers will already be no."

Vance's Tip of the Week!

"June 17th, 2016

'Only real failure is the failure to try.' - Indian Proverb 

Refusing to share Nikken with people when a need is presented is an automatic failure. We'll face rejection time and time again, but if we don’t at least ask a question, then the answer is already 'no'.

What I've found most rewarding is connecting with people who don't wanna go the conventional route of drugs and surgery, but instead give their bodies a chance to heal naturally. One of our daughter's friends falls into this category when she was facing injections into her hip to deal with shooting pains down her leg. I saw her last night and she said with a brilliant smile, 'People keep asking me if I've got a book in my pants when they hug me. I tell them it's a magnet from Kenna's dad and it totally took away my pain!' 

Kenna asked me three weeks ago if I could help Kennedy. I simply told her to go get a MagFlex and share it with her. When I met her mom last weekend, she was so excited that she registered as a Customer and ordered $200 worth of products. 
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We try to teach our daughters to reach out at all costs. Kenna is in Africa right now teaching in schools and orphanages and Emily is serving at a camp all summer. If neither one of them wouldn't have stepped out to try something new, their summers and their future would look totally different."


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