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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Need or Opportunity - Nina Marie Alves Needed Both

Click Here to Listen to Call. Vance wrote in his weekly email. "Over 90% of us are introduced to Nikken because of a need and not so much because of the opportunity to build a business. Nina Marie Alves was most definitely in the need category. Suffering from a horrific accident, it was Nikken that literally gave her a second chance. This dramatic experience then fueled her passion to help others as she builds the opportunity.

Vance's Tip of the Week!

June 3rd, 2016

‘Tell me about this customer program!’

The last few weeks of school have seen one MagFlex floating around our Middle School amongst several of the teachers. All it took was one of them to mention her back condition and the rest is history. The speech specialist was the last to use it and she was hesitant to give it back without me promising to follow up.

With kids running around everywhere, I did my usual 10 minute intro to Nikken today on the last day of school. The fact that she already experienced the product made it much easier so it didn’t take any convincing to get her excited about the customer program.

When we let the products do the selling for us, I think we’ll find it fun and exciting to share the benefits of the customer program. I love telling people that they can get all of our consumable products cheaper than I can as a consultant. It was after I answered her questions about being a customer that she mentioned she was familiar with network marketing and could see the benefits of sharing this with others. My response... ‘Let’s get you plugged as a customer first and then we can talk about what I do as a consultant.’


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