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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Professor Mary Bowser is interviewed by Vance Rogers, Tip of the week by Dennis & Ruth Williams, Stump the Doc Round 2 with Dr. Herbert Patino

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Click Here to Listen to this weeks Call with Professor Mary Bowser, PHD. She is not trying to make her students a clone of herself, She is trying to make them the best they can be. Steve Crofoot has said many times: "She has always been one of my Nikken Heroines." The way her family was changed when her son's anger issues disappeared so quickly. They made a few changes like eliminating a popular allergy medicine and started using the Wellness Home Solutions and miracles happened rather quickly. Just another validation that we are loved from above and have the need to share these solutions with those around us that are open to change. She also shares how increasing the emphasis of retailing products has been a welcome benefit.

Tip of the Week: Lately many Sales Leaders and Trainers have been stressing, "Go Back To the Basics."

This Week Our Wonderful Partners Dennis and Ruth Williams shared these Pearls of Wisdom by email:

"Hello Nikken family,

Yesterday, I was talking to a young man who was helping us with some garden work, and when he asked me what we do for a living, I shared a little about Nikken. His interest really perked when I mentioned something about using Magnetics for health.

I learned that he was a Nursing student, and had been trying on his own to learn about "Complimentary Modalities" for health, and especially the use of magnets.

When I got home last night, there was an e-mail message from him asking me to send him some information about using magnets for health, so I delved into my archives on my computer and sent him these:

1) Information from Nikken's website on Magnetic Technologies: 
Click Here

There is a wealth of information here about the different designs Nikken uses and has used in the past, research documentation, etc. It's very informative!

2) A link to a folder with lots of documentation about the use of Magnetics for health. These are documents and articles that we've collected over the years, placed into one folder for ease of access:  
Click Here

Over 24 years ago....the use of Magnets for health is what got our attention. First with my younger sister who was a nurse that had injured her back lifting a patient and had been out of work for ten weeks. Two days with the Kenko Back Flex and she was discomfort free!

Next, I had cramps in the calves of my legs every night when I came home from working at the Ford Dealership. I figured it was I was getting older, and on my feet all day. That's what happens, you get cramps in your legs. Two days with the Nikken MagSteps in my shoes and no more leg cramps.....and still none 24 plus years later!

We rejected looking at Nikken for six months before the two above testimonials took place. After we experienced these and a few other similar results with other people....we knew we had found something we absolutely had to share with the people we loved and cared about.

We realized we had something that everyone needed, nobody had, and they couldn't buy it anywhere else. We also knew that 8 out of 10 adults in this country have back problems.

We had discovered "The Marketer's Dream!"

Folks, we still have something everyone needs, nobody has and that they can't purchase anywhere else....and more! A lot of companies have little pieces of wellness, but only Nikken has the ability to let people turn their homes into "Self Care Sanctuaries"....a "Safe Haven" for their families to live in.

We have way more than just magnetics today, with our air, water, nutrition, skin care, sleep, etc. unique and innovative technologies.....but our magnetic products are really unique to us and often produce the fastest visible and emotional results.

Feel free to use the information in the two links above to educate yourselves and others about the power of this awesome energy from the earth....and the only company in the world that provides simple solutions to so many problems....Nikken.

We appreciate and believe in you.

Dennis & Ruth"

Vance has been promoting the "Stump the Doc" Webinar series hosted by Dave Johnson just after Vance's call on Saturday Mornings.

This week Dave Wrote:

"Happy Friday Everyone, We are excited to welcome back special guest Dr. Herbert Patino to "Round Two: Stump the Doc” this Saturday at 8am PT.
Dr. Patino has an extensive medical background and a real passion for the Nikken products. Dr. Patino endorses the common sense, fundamental benefits Nikken products provide for his patients and for his family. Tune in this Saturday and see if you can stump the doc?"

Click Here to Watch June 11, 2016 Video Recording of Dave and Dr. Herbert Patino's Stump the Doc Round 2.

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