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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Terrific Testimony with the Touch

Larry Haffner
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"On April 1st, 2014, Larry wanted to have the ride of his life. What he hadn’t planned on that it nearly cost him his life! Both ankles broken and lower back from a para gliding accident. His chute opened and then collapsed from a down draft dropping him from 75 feet up onto the rocks below. $279,000 hospital bill and that doesn't include rehab therapy.

First time using the Kenko Touch
 this week he noticed a little improvement. The next morning after one session he's touching his toes with no discomfort for the first time since his accident. Not bad for a guys who is 74 years young and one who has had constant struggles during the last two and a half years."

Vance's Tip of the Week

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"December 2nd, 2016

‘Nikken is committed to providing the highest-quality products enabling people from all walks of life to achieve Active Wellness’. 

Kenko Touch

Appropriately Named

Affordably Priced

Affectionately Experienced

My back injury from a 75 foot waterfall plunge 25 years ago is all but gone now, but it flares up in colder weather and when I work too hard. I used the Touch a few times three weeks ago and I'm totally blown away by the residual results.

People with chronic issues that are 
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sometimes life altering are getting some pretty amazing results. It's like the magnetics of a MRI machine, negative ions from a lightening bolt, and the FIR light waves from an infrared sauna all rolled into a handheld device.

I dare you to make a list of your friends with the biggest hurts or anyone that you’d like to have on your team. Now call them and set appointments. Watch what happens when they start playing with the Touch. We’ve never had a product that garners such immediate results like this one does."


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