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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Vance's Tip & 2017 Projections

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Throughout this year, we have heard amazing stories of success in all 5 Pillars. Now it’s time to project your story as it will actually occur in 2017! Do you know what that story will be? Can you determine it with complete clarity? Absolutely!!!

Resolutionists set goals and then fall short within a few days due to the difficulty or because the goal is completely unattainable. Radicalists on the other hand know exactly the effort that is required and make small corrections to perfect desired results.

Here’s your assignment:

Pick any one of the 5 Pillars where you’re seeking improvement and share your story as it’s already come to pass. For example, ‘In the Healthy Mind pillar, I am reading one book a month and reciting positive affirmations at the beginning of every day.’

Vance’s Tip of the Week

"December 16th, 2016

‘Nikken is committed to providing the highest-quality products enabling people from all walks of life to achieve Active Wellness’.

‘Don’t focus on what you can’t do; focus instead on what you can do... And then do it!' -  Billy Graham

Michael DiMuccio shared this week that he has been literally bounding out of bed lately with a new sense of purpose and passion for Nikken. He stated that we all need to realize our divine sovereign purpose. The sooner we tap into that, the sooner we’ll be a success in life.

As the amount of Christmas gifts grows under our tree, the anticipation from Addi (our youngest) expands to the point of spontaneous combustion. ‘How many more sleeps till Christmas Eve?’

I feel this same way about the stories we’re creating and what we are about to experience with Nikken on January 1st. I know what my purpose is and through living life to its fullest potential every day, I get to tap into that. Yes, anticipation is brutal, but the more people I invite to see the gift of Nikken, the more I get to fulfill that divine sovereign purpose. Let’s live life on purpose by focusing on what we can do!


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