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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Autoship For The Ages - Part 2 and Julie Clark on Saturday AM Live!

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Click Here to Listen to Vance interview Julie Clark as she shares her autoship secrets.

Julie Clark will never tell you that she's an Autoship master, but I certainly will. I've learned more about adding Customers, building a solid Autoship base, and developing a long term residual income from Julie during the last few years.

Her long term goal is to develop a 'travel income' source of $2000 per month from her Customer base. How is Julie doing this? Join us tomorrow and find out.

Click Here to Listen to the After Call Discussion and Announcements.

Autoship For The Ages - Part 2

In August of 1995 I set up an Autoship order with Nikken. It was order # 2107. I think that means that there were 2106 other Consultants that took advantage of this wonderful system of ordering before I did. Or maybe the order # didn't 
 mean anything.

Part of Upcoming Promotion
Regardless of that, what it meant to our family was that we'd never run out of the core organic nutritionals that we rely on and it saved us shipping on other non-consumables like jewelry, magnetic products, or insoles. And it also meant that we'd have a really good example to share with others when they asked for the best possible price.

Nikken was one of the first companies to launch an Autoship program and they are about to be the first to launch an 'Everyday Organic-based Weight Management' program. When we educate our Customers about this and the benefits of Autoship, I truly believe we're gonna have a win/win program that will be the envy of the industry.

Make It Happen - TODAY
We know it's coming in April. Now would be a really good time to invite a few folks to take advantage of yet another fantastic solution from Nikken. Imagine what would happen if we invited a few people every month to take advantage of a really good deal? Not only would we have the sense of gratification of helping a lot of people, but our businesses would be HUGE.This doesn't really talk about Autoship, but I know that the roll of DUK that Dave gave to Tracy was ordered via Autoship. It's a great reminder of just how powerful a few pieces of tape can be.

11 year of agony disappears in 4 minutes...


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