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Saturday, April 1, 2017

You too??? and Sneak Peak at April on Saturday AM Live!

Click Here to Listen to This weeks call. Vance emailed:

"Repetition is vital when it comes to learning anything new. On April 4th everything regarding Nikken's 'Everyday Organic-Based Weight Management program will be available on the website and the night before(Tuesday, April 4th), Jeff Isom will deliver the bullet points of this amazing addition to our product offering on the monthly kick-off call [Monday night]. That's 6:00pm PST 641-715-3570 code 444801#".  Click Here for Playback of of the Kickoff Call.

"But why wait??? Since I can't possibly absorb or retain all the good intel during the first download, I thought it'd be fun to provide a sneak peak from what I gleaned during our Team Kaizen call a few hours ago. While I can't divulge it all, I can at least wet your appetite(literally) of what's to come next week both in the new product AND in with the quarterly incentive/quarterly contest. There's lots of cash to be earned and I think can get you started on the race before the starting gun sounds."

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This Weeks Tip of the Week.

March 31, 2017

"You too???

CS Lewis talks about those points in our lives when we have an encounter with another person that is truly divine in so many ways. It's that moment when the hair on the back of our necks goes completely erect, the goose bumps stand at full attention, and the shivers race up and down our spine. Maybe not all together, but you get the point.

I had one of those 'Ah Ha' experiences yesterday when I thought about the fact of an 'Everyday Organic-Based Weight Management' program. What struck me like a lightning bolt between the eyes is the fact that I truly believe Nikken is the first company to address this issue AND actually deliver products that match the description. 

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What does this mean for our own results and that of our Customers? It's completely life changing. Our bodies are designed to function at their prime with real food. We have this already in several of our nutritional products and yet over the years because we are human, we collect certain toxins that latch on to us. Next week we're gonna have a 100% USDA certified organic solution for getting rid of those vermin we don't need or want.

What's this gonna do for the results with the rest of the components of our wellness solutions??? That was my ah ha or you too moment. It was at that point that I realized we have something that every person who cares about active wellness is gonna want AND wanna share with others. It's gonna be HUGE."


P.S.  This program is changing peoples lives.  Please click Comments below and let us know how it has benefited you!

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