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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Green Matcha Tea & A Chat w/ Kurt Fulle on Saturday AM Live!

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I'd love to call it a conversation with Nikken's CEO Kurt Fulle, but it was more of a chat on a bus. Yet in that brief encounter, I gained a plethora of knowledge about the man who has been at the helm of our ship for the last several years. From what his leisure pleasures are to some of the business principles he uses to guide his daily decisions, I returned to my seat with a head full of insight that caused me to re-think so much of what I knew about this man.
I'd like to share this 'chat' with you and how I've implemented it into my introductions of Nikken to new Customers since our return home from the Team Kaizen Cancun experience. Understanding the heart behind the head of our captain provides valuable intel that I feel needs to be shared.
Vance's Tip of the Week
'Better to go one week without food than one day without green matcha tea.' - Chinese Proverb
Usually every week if not more often Mom shares with me a new nutritional tip that she's picked up from one of the many guru's that she follows. I really don't know how she processes all that intel, but she does and it's really sound advice. And in a world that continues to go the route of convenience with a complete lack of nutritional benefit, this kind of knowledge barely offsets the avalanche of quick fixes to our daily diet that don't seem to turn the tide of nutritional ignorance.

They all look so happy...I want some too!

 the Hallmark channel yesterday, Miss Universe Olivia Culpo shared the dangers of coffee consumption as far as it being a diuretic, not just for the body, but for the skin. Without missing a beat, she quickly offered an alternative by sharing the benefits of consuming matcha green. It literally hydrates the skin and provides the same alert benefits of coffee. And when I see how beautiful this women is, I'm thinking that she practices what she's preaching!
Is it any wonder why Nikken continues to discover ancient remedies like this and then improve upon them like they have with the Ten4? Sometimes we don't understand how great each and every one of our products are until they receive validation from a celebrity or expert in a particular field. This endorsement reminded me of the value we have in our solutions, not just in the price, but the 2nd to none quality and integrity. It really does make it fun to know that we can go head to head with any comparable product and be just a little bit better than some, and way better than others.

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