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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Ultimate Solution? and Team Kaizen member Herb Rapp on Saturday AM Live!

Herb and Grace Have Been Blessed

Click Here to Listen to Vance and Herb Rapp have a great time sharing Herb's story of success and changing lives.

There are only two members of Team Taizen who have been part of this elite group from the beginning. Herb Rapp will be the first to tell you that it takes a decisive decision to earn a spot in this group three years in a row. And at the same time, once that decision has been made, it is worth every ounce of sweat equity because the end result is all too sweet.

Herb set some record breaking volume amounts years ago and he still doing it today. In a time when most people his age are wandering aimlessly in retirement with no real purpose in life, Herb has a laser focus that is contagious.

 Vance's Tip of the week: 
"Ultimate Solution?

'I think I just got you another customer! My wife got into the canister and she immediately said that I need to order more.'

It's not every day that I get this kind of response in less than 48 hours after a customer uses the Vital Balance, but I love it when it happens. What was originally purchased for the son to put on weight is now being used by three of the four family members and they are all loving the benefits.

Weight management are two words that are not very popular in our culture and yet Nikken is willing to raise the bar and set a new standard in this industry. We really do have a solution that is fantastic for everyone who eats. And what our family loves is that it's not age restrictive because organic-based nutrition is after all, real food."


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