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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Greetings from Mexico & Team Kaizen member Nadine Staaf on Saturday AM Live!

Mexico was a LOT Warmer than this!
Click Here to Listen to Nadine and Vance giggle and laugh, having way more fun than grownups should be allowed to have.  Just Kidding. We should all have this much fun next year after OUR trip to Japan!

Vance emailed: "Nadine Staaf attended Humans Being More training five years prior to becoming a Consultant. Is it any wonder why she's part of Team Kaizen today? When she finally did join in 2012, she was a full-time college student, mother of a five year old boy, and on anti-depressants & other medications which the doctors told her she'd be on for life.

Her occupational background is filled with a variety of things like graphic design, barista, florist, bank teller, etc. Starting in Nikken brought many changes and Nadine will admit that she had some struggles in the beginning. However, today she's discovered a few things that she keeps as the focus everyday. These key things helped her earn a spot on Team Kaizen AND will get her on the plane to Japan in May of 2018."

Nadine Swimming in the Cenote 
You really want to read Vance's Tip of the Week this week!

"Postcard from Mexico

In the market adjacent to the Mayan temple known as Chichen Itza, I'm looking a postcard to send to you as an encouragement to come check out this place for yourself. Ever since I was a kid, Mom always encouraged me to send postcards to grandparents and a few others back home. The only problem with the recent Team Kaizen trip to the Fairmont Mayakoba in Cancun is that there simply isn't a postcard to send to you that captures this fact:

The best experience during my 25 years as a Nikken Consultant!

Herb Rapp, three time Team Kaizen member, described this as 'the closest thing to heaven on earth'. I completely agree. The all-inclusive resort was beyond amazing and yet it was the people that Stacey and I connected with who are still on the forefront of our minds.

Stacy and Nadine on Jungle Trip
During the next few weeks, my goal is to introduce you to some old and new friends who completely challenged us to live our lives as Humans Being More. People from several nations were represented and although we spoke different languages, the common thread that wove us together is our commitment to not just strive for a spirit of Kaizen, but to honestly seek ways to live it everyday. We don't have to ask the question, but it's always there... What can I do today to improve myself so I can be a better contribution to those around me?


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  1. Great stuff Vance and Nadine. Thank you so much for sharing your #inspiring story Nadine.