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Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Little Things and Team Kaizen Member Ruth Loh on Saturday AM Live!

Click Here to Listen to Ruth and Vance Share a "Silver Bullet"

Ruth Loh is a 2017 Team Kaizen member who lives exactly what Ben shared in this weeks leadership training. She set her sights on winning the trip to Cancun and did what it took to get there. Her journey of success is inspiring and what she did to be part of Team Kaizen is not only amazing, its duplicatable!

Vance's Tip of Week

'There is absolutely no way you were 50 pounds more than you are today!'

It seems like every week I hear this response from someone because the epidemic of extra weight or the battle of the bulge is reaching astronomic numbers. How did I do it or what was my secret to shedding 1/3rd of my body weight today?

It's the little things. Just like Ben Woodward shared in this weeks leadership presentation to achieving our goals, it was those daily things that needed to be done that allowed me to repair some really bad choices.

I would like to suggest that it's the same for all 5 Pillars of Health. Watch what Ben shares in this most excellent video and ask yourself the question, What little thing can I do today to improve each of the 5 Pillars for me? If it's a goal that I want, what am I willing to give up to reach that goal?

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