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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Rachel Dayton's KVB Experience and Julie Tara on Saturday AM Live!

 Click Here to Listen to this weeks call the wonderful Julie Tara. 

Another fabulous friend in Colorado is the legendary Julie Tara. From a background in professional ballet, Julie has continued to dance her way into Team Kaizen for three straight years. 'I simply want to live the 5 Pillars and there's no better way to do this but by practicing a Kaizen philosophy everyday AND inviting others to join me.'

Julie is one of only a few people who have earned a spot on Team Kaizen every year and is willing to share some of her daily habits for success. Her personal experience with Nikken's products is compelling enough, but to hear some of her secrets makes any conversation with her a real treat.

Vance's Tip of the Week:

May 12, 2017

The KVB Everyday Organic-Based Weight Management program works and boy does it ever work well. This experience from our friend Rachel Dayton is just one of dozens that I've read or heard in the last few weeks. In just one month we have the potential of doing a complete U-Turn with our physical body. And where we go from there is totally up to us.

After one week I'd lost 5 pounds and MY HOT FLASHES WERE GONE!

On April 5, I began a 30 day commitment to Nikken's Everyday Healthy Eating Plan. I wanted to shave off the extra 10 pounds that created that "muffin top" around my middle, and tone up.

I followed the protocol - 2 KVB shakes/day made w/ 8 oz. of organic unsweetened almond milk (sometimes w/berries) 3 detox cleanse, 3 digestion - one before each meal, one Ten4 tea in the afternoon, usually only one Paleo Bar for snacking. I also drink at least 3 quarts of Pimag water/day.

I was conscious of cutting out the bad carbs and sugar, instead eating salads - both at dinner and sometimes added for lunch if I was hungry from skiing all day. My snacks when needed included hard boiled eggs, avocados, apple slices, celery, raw almonds. For dinner I ate a salad, at least one green veggie and fish or meat. Occasionally I had some brown rice or quinoa and maybe twice in the month, roasted potatoes. Honestly, I never felt the need.
I also changed my alcohol habit, having one glass of wine OR one vodka on the rocks. This for me was my "one cheat" but also about half what I normally consume in an evening. I like wine!

I have felt sated and super energized the whole time, and NEEDING FAR LESS SLEEP.

After one week I'd lost 5 pounds and MY HOT FLASHES WERE GONE! Randy Rolfe, certified whiz in nutrition, says my liver, once and for all, rid itself of unneeded hormones and subsequently, the "side effects" of menopause that accompanied them. Even the wine is not bringing them on!


After a week, I cut back to two, then one Detox Cleanse and Digestion in the morning before my shake, as it seems all I need.

I do eat a tsp. of Jade Greezymes, daily, and the bone health pack.

Today is Day 29... Here are my stats:
Day 7 - lost 5 lbs
Day 14 - lost 8
Day 21 - lost 11
Day 29 - lost 14

Tomorrow is final, final. I will continue with healthy eating habits formed, go back to one shake per day for breakfast, and continue a one a day of cleanse and digestion. After all, I don't want to 'blow away' as I likely can fit into my cheerleading uniform from High School.

Rachel Dayton - 63 and feeling fabulous!"


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