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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Click Here to Listen to Esther Smith share her secrets!

From an extremely diverse occupational background to that of one of Nikken's top retailers today, Esther Smith definitely has a story that needs to be heard. She discovered Nikken because of a horse and it's taken this admittedly shy high school graduate some time to grow into the person that she is today.

Vance's Tip of the Week

May 26, 2017

I’m sitting on our porch right now enjoying the beautiful Spring weather that has finally arrived with abundant sunshine. Warmer temperatures have a way of cleaning the air and drying out what has been the wettest Spring in recorded history for the Portland, Oregon area.

Roger Drummer taught me years ago that all of Nikken’s solutions will help the body detoxify because all of our products help cleanse the toxins from the body. It’s not just water that flushes out this crud, but all the natural earth technologies working together. And I was reminded this week during a 3-way call that even our minds need to be detoxified by eliminating or guarding against toxic relationships.

It's been said Nikken is the only company with truly a total wellness home. So it becomes much easier to detox all the different areas with this total wellness concept when we have all of the wellness solutions available. I think the toughest decision we have to make when we discover Nikken for the first time or as we discover more of what is available, is where to start? That question can be answered best buy asking ourselves, what needs the most detoxification?

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