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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Are you Open for a Change and Rick Murphy on Saturday AM Live!

The Amazing Paige and Rick Murphy
Click Here to Listen to two of the most amazing leaders in Nikken. Servant Leadership is their style and Winning is their Game.

"Rick Murphy is truly a guy who was open to Nikken years ago and he's helped open up the minds of countless others through his example of living the 5 Pillars of Health. From a serving our country as an Army Ranger to pioneering the Pathfinders program (, Rick is passionate about Nikken and he's never shy to share.

If you want a triple shot Murphy espresso, join us for a fast paced start to your Saturday."

Vance's Tip of the Week

"Are you open?

These three words were part of what I heard my Dad ask over 20 years ago as he introduced a gentleman to 

 Nikken. 'Why would I ask if he's interested when he doesn't know yet what I'm going to present to him?'

It made perfect sense to me then and even more so today as I find myself asking that same question when I meet people or any conversation shifts to physical or financial wellness. After all, shouldn't we first discover if someone is open to what we have to offer before we tell them how great Nikken is?

Are you open to an complementary solution besides drugs or surgery?
Are you open to a different thought process of weight management?

Are you open to less expensive and better solution than bottled water?

Are you open to an additional source of passive income?

Are you open to having your child's ENTIRE university tuition paid for?

Or my favorite...

Are you open to feeling better and having more energy?


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