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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Graduation and Hailee Passey "Freedom On Fire" on Saturday AM Live!

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Click Here to Listen to Hailee Simpson Passey tell us why as a Millennial she is "Freedom On Fire."

Hailee Passey is what I commonly refer to as a ‘Nikken Sparkplug’. When you spend any amount of time near her, whether in person, phone, zoom, etc, she will be the spark to light your fire. This little bundle of high-octane energy has set an example for many other young people to follow. She has definitely gone against the grain of waiting till she’s older to take Nikken seriously.

Vance's Tip of the Week


A few days ago our family celebrated two graduations on the same day. Both were filled with tears of joy and sadness at the same time. Emotions were raw and yet we have rock solid intel that both of these events will bring new life in the days, months, and years to come.

Our oldest daughter walked onto her high school graduation stage several times as a valedictorian, national merit honors recipient, scholarship winner, and co-class president. To say that this dad is a little proud would be a major understatement. And then to find out that Kenna was selected to receive the Toshizo Watanabe Scholarship to pay for her tuition at Washington University... Well, now we are just about beside ourselves with glee. She has worked hard and sacrificed a lot to be in this.

The second one was a different sort of graduation. No robes or diploma’s, simply a passing from this life to the next. Dennis Bryant was a mentor and a friend. For the last two decades he and his wife Nancy have improved the lives of literally hundreds of people around the globe through the services of Focus On Growth. Tapes, CD’s, books, product accessories, and so many other items that make sharing Nikken easier are just a few of the things they provide. Dennis will be deeply missed and yet I know he has experienced 100% healing. To be absent from us is to be present with the Creator.

Kenna and Dennis are two incredible people who have and will continue impacting lives. I’ve never believed in coincidences and especially not one like this. A right of passage for both.


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