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Monday, June 12, 2017

KVB Success and Stories on Saturday AM Live!

Click Here to Listen to Linda Morris,  talk about the EVERYDAY Weight Management Pack and Sandy Martins tell her story of going from extra weight to amazing weight.

"I've asked several people to share some of their tips that they've implemented to achieve or get close to their High School weight. I know that you're gonna be pleasantly surprised how simple some of these concepts are and how universal they can be for all of us. And if you've got a favorite, please be ready to share yours or even ask a clarifying question. This should be a really fun call."

Vance's Tip of the Week

'The eyes of the world are upon you.'

"These words were the end of General Dwight D Eisenhower's address to the allied troops as they made their final preparations for Operation Overlord or as we commonly refer to it as D-Day. Although there were many events that eventually led to the end of World War II, storming the beaches of Normandy is credited with ending the conflict in Europe and thus forcing Hitler's army to surrender.

While we remember this amazing day this week, it's those few words from a future president that help keep me on track day after day. While we can't worry about what everyone thinks, we can strive to do this days work so others can celebrate with us the success points. I've always been one to think of goals, but the last few years I've been doing a better job of writing them down in places that I can see them daily. Here's one from my 5 Pillars list under the Healthy Body category:

Get Your KVB Today
 On or before September 3rd, 2017, I am my High School weight of 135 with little fluctuation.

At my 25th reunion, I was really close to this due to the fact that I'd recently completed a 69 story or 1311 step stair climb in full fire-fighter attire. For my size, this was 50 pounds of gear. My goal was to make the accent in less than 20 minutes including a bottle change and I'm happy to share that my final time was 19:42.

Let me get back on track. Although I'd come close to the goal weight I have set for myself, as soon as I stopped the weekly work-out routine, I lost muscle mass and was no longer the lean, mean, stair climbing machine.

Today, I'm really close to that goal (one pound to go as of yesterday) and I've implemented a few things to not only reach that goal, but maintain it once it's reached. All WITHOUT climbing 90 stories twice a week! 

As Wellness Consultants, the eyes of the world are upon us. The Everyday, Organic-Based Weight Management program is so fun, affordable, and duplicatable. While we had a fantastic solution in just the KVB, we now have a full program to actually achieve our weight goals with full knowledge that it's real food at a fraction of the cost. Did you know that a couple who are looking for quick weight shedding can enjoy two shakes a day and the Cleanse & Detox for just $245 per month?

Do you have a Healthy Body goal or goals? Are you at your High School weight? Would you like to help others reach theirs? Nikken has the solution to make it happen! Take a look at the pack or at least start with the above mentioned two products. I can almost guarantee in a short time that you'll be in a body that others will take note of."


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