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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Eat Less, Move More and Top Movers on Saturday AM Live!

Click Here to Listen to the Call with Carol John, David Jones, Ann Brienza and others talking about the value of having at least one Kenzen Vital Balance Shake a day.

I've asked two incredible people with decades of experience in the world of moving to share some of the their simplest tips to really accelerate the results of what we talked about above. David Jones is a physical trainer with a simple phiosphy. The best form of exercise for you is the one that you'll do and keep doing. Ann Brienza is crazy about skiing, both snow and water. Last summer she logged in 100 days in the water on her ski.

I know that most of us won't duplicate what these two do regularly whether in the gym or out in nature, but we can learn some really great tips to maximizing whatever we are doing.

Vance's Tip of the Week

Eat less, move more are four words I heard years ago that literally changed my life. Stacey and I had a few friends that were frustrated with their gym memberships, recreational activities, or weekend warrior expiditions because they were doing all the right moving things, they just couldn't do enough of these things to compensate for the eating part. Oh, don't get me wrong, they were having fun with both the eating AND the moving, they just didn't like the fact that their bodies were growing in undesirable ways.

Order Your Everyday Organic-BasedWeight Management Program Today
Nikken's Everyday Organic-Based Weight Management program completely covers the eating part like nothing else I've been able to find for the price we pay. A 90 day supply for two meals a day of the KVB plus the Cleanse & Detox is only $365 or $122 per month. That's only $2 a day for two meals! How is this possible?

A Customer Autoship including two canisters of KVB and the Cleanse & Detox is $165 for the first month. Scale it down to simply one canister of KVB and the Cleanse & Detox for the 2nd & 3rd months($100) and I can guarantee with 99% certainty that there will be a whole lot less of that Customer to love and their food budget will yell THANK YOU!

And here's the really fun part... If snacks or more energy is needed, the Ten4 and a couple boxes of Paleo Bars will do the trick. What we've found though is that after the first few days, the body adjusts to the eating less portion and then we simply need to work on the moving more part. What's cool is this comes as a side-effect to the brain getting the high protein at breakfast and lunch. So many people are reporting higher energy levels so they're moving more easily which produces the end result lower amounts on the scale and baggier clothing.

So if you're struggling with eating less and moving more, now is the time to check out what Nikken has given us.


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