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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Nikken Newsmakers and Kimball Sargent and Geoffery Avery-Foy on Saturday AM Live!

Kimball and Geoff in Tokyo
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While she’s no stranger to joining us on Saturday morning, I know for a fact that a few days ago, Kimball Sargent and Geoff Avery-Foy were strangers in a foreign land. This small in stature couple were part of the traveling Team Kaizen clan to the land of the rising sun and those that are closer to their height than, let’s just say the Dutch. If you’re like me, hearing a report of just how exciting an all-inclusive trip paid for by Nikken can be, then you don’t wanna miss this chat.

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June 15, 2018

Nikken Newsmakers

Order From Herb or Focus On Growth

I know for a fact that my friend Herb Rapp has used the printed page for years to build his Nikken business. A few years ago Herb wrote a book titled ‘Fit to Win’ and has effectively shared the message of Nikken with dozens of people who are looking for a better way to wellness. Not all of us are gifted enough to write a book and have amazing photo’s of ourselves with celebrities like Clint Eastwood and Merv Griffin, but we can leverage timely articles when sharing about Nikken.

Here’s an example:

Sure, one could say that this is self-promoting and has nothing to do with Nikken, but I would beg to differ. Last week a reporter from a small newspaper interviewed a few of us from our volunteer fire department for a follow up story about the Eagle Creek fire that forced our family from our home last September. As with any news story, you never know until it’s printed what the angle will be and what quotes will get included or deleted.
Smoke from Eagle Creek Fire

I have used this story throughout the week as a way of reaching out to folks with short notes like, ‘your friend made the news’ or ‘your neighbor is getting attention again and this time it’s not because he slipped on his driveway’. After they read the article and respond favorably, then I make contact via text or phone to ask them if they’d like to know more about how I actually kept the rigorous schedule of a forest firefighter at my age. The response has been fairly positive.

Bottom line is this…. When we find timely articles or stories that support our pursuit of the 5 Pillars of Health, we need to share them with folks. Not all news is negative and even when it is, we can bend it to support the benefits of what Nikken has given us. So even if you’re not a Nikken Newsmaker, we can use the news to share Nikken!


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