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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Two Tips and Verl V. Verhulst (Water Expert) on Saturday AM Live!

Verl V. Verlhulst with his 1942 Chevy
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"Verl V. Verhulst could write a book with common sense solutions for the 21st Century. While he’d completely disagree with this statement, I’ve learned a ton from him when he adds a tidbit here and there to our Saturday morning conversations. His wisdom on the subject of water and chemicals is what I’ve asked him to share this time and as one who lives in the dairy capital of America, he’s got a front row seat in the theater of H20. Behind sleep and air, water is an absolute essential, but what if it’s filled with stuff that shouldn’t be going into our bodies? Verl will share some alarming facts and what his family has been doing for years with some of their results."

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June 29, 2018

"Two Tips

Dropping weight from the body and adding it to the wallet.

While on the phone this week with my favorite friend in New Hampshire I couldn’t help but think about the latest CDC report to the news. In a study of the healthiest states for children, her state came in as the highest. While Rita and I are still wondering why, they also stated at the end of their report that physical exercise does little for losing weight. Really? I’m not sure I agree with this, but that’s what they said.

I had called Rita to catch up and during the chat I shared with her that I think I took the tip that Linda Morris taught me a little to far. Linda learned that getting half your body weight in grams of protein every day is ideal for maintaining weight and even aggressively dropping the unwanted fat and toxins from the body. Of course using Nikken’s nutritionals is the best way to go, but I took it a step further.

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68 grams of protein in a shake??? Yep, I simply kept adding organic ingredients like chia seeds, flax seed powder, peanut butter powder, hemp seeds, and Bob’s Red Mill protein powder (not organic). Because I started with pea milk instead of PiMag water, I was already into it with 8 grams of protein. So being that I currently weigh less than 140 pounds, I achieved the half my body weight in grams of protein in one meal. (Is there any wonder why I didn’t get hungry till 2:00?). While I don’t do this everyday, it sure makes it fun and really affordable to maintain a healthy body.

We also discussed the fact that we need to be checking our personal website pages every week to ensure that our customers are able to find us. Super simple right? Yes!

My Business tab

Personal Web Page

You Will be Glad You Did!

Check to see that all the settings are the way you want them and then submit. This needs to be done every time Nikken does an upgrade or resets the system. They always notify us with the yellow banner across the top of the website, but it wouldn’t hurt to do this every Sunday or Monday morning.
This will ensure that customers are able to locate us and keep our profits going into our wallets. After all, if we’re dropping weight from our bodies, we might as well shift it to someplace where it’s most useful."


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