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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Hot August Nights and Michelle Kowalchuk (Summer Sizzler) on Saturday AM

Michelle Kowalchuk
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Michelle Kowalchuk is one of the newest members of Team Kaizen. This dynamic gal has an amazing story that I truly believe is the secret to her success. Not so much that it was a ‘one foot in the grave’ type story, but simply the fact that she shares it with people and continues to do so consistently.

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August 17, 2018

" 'Hot August Nights '

This is the time of year that many wish to come to an end due to several environmental factors and poor sleep is the biggest one. Parts of the world have comfortable temperatures during the evening and many gather outside for concerts, dinners, etc. It’s the sleeping conditions that are often uncomfortable because the lack of what we in Nikken call a ‘climatically controlled sleep environment’. It’s not just one product, but the entire sleep system. Here in Portland, Oregon only 50% of the population has air conditioning so sleep suffering is quite common.

Nikken’s blog this week addresses this subject and any one of Dr. Gary Linder’s presentations on the subject is a wealth of information. We used the high-tech tool called the Internet and YouTube to have Gary share in our home last night. In less than 15 minutes he addressed a slew of health issues that really got the group thinking about these issues.

What I continue to find amazing is that even though we went way longer than I’d hoped, it was the conversation about all things wellness that kept the dialogue going. People left at different times and now comes the follow up. And in the end, I was grateful that I not only got to climb into my sleep cocoon, but that we introduced several more people to the gift of Nikken and got process of discovery started. While we cannot control what their response is, we took advantage of yet another hot August night by introducing a little Nikken sizzle.


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