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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Living in Nature's Energy & Debbie Davis (LMT) on Saturday AM Live!

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"Known to most of her friends as the ‘Energizer Bunny’, Debbie Davis is a licensed massage therapist who loves to teach others how to create environments of health and well-being in their own homes.  Using the Nikken products as she provides this wonderful service of touch, she also educates them about how she lives her life with the 5 Pillars of Health.  The one thing that motivates her is to share more, knowing that there are people who still don’t know [what she knows what is true] and that she could be missing [an opportunity to serve] by not sharing."

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August 10, 2018

" 'Living in Nature’s Energy'

A few miles to the east of our home, is the Pacific Crest Trail.  This 2650 mile trek from Canada to Mexico is hiked by 200 people annually and for our family, it’s fascinating to say the least.  Let me first say that I really don’t have any interest in spending several months hiking this route, but the idea of tapping into what God put into nature would be wonderful.

The long version very short is that on Stacey’s 48th birthday this week we met Evan and Angela while enjoying dinner in the town of Cascade Locks.  This young couple started the trek on April 14th near the border of Mexico and will finish before they fly home on September 7th from Vancouver, Canada.

Sure, we’re a bit nuts as a family to take in complete strangers and yet when you know that you know, it’s just the right thing to do.  Last night during and after dinner we thoroughly enjoyed learning & laughing about this adventure they’ve been on.  I remarked several times how they’re harnessing exactly what Nikken has incorporated into our wellness home in its purest form.

Best part about Nikken today is that we truly have the opportunity to offer people the absolute impact of all of the earth’s energy WITHOUT living in the wild like the Roberts!  In other words, we get to enjoy the best of God’s creation 24/7 while we sleep, sit, walk, and play.  What an incredible gift we have!!!"


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