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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Thanksgiving in August and Julie Tara on Saturday AM Live!

Julie Tara
Click Here to Listen to this weeks Saturday AM Live Call.

"Julie Tara is a friend of ours that understands the value of relationships like few people we’ve come to know in Nikken. She literally is larger than life whether it’s one-on-one or in front of a larger audience. Addressing issues with real solutions that impact all 5 Pillars of Health not only launched her business after a miraculous experience in her lower back from a career as a ballerina, but have sustained her. As Marty Jefferies taught me, when you understand people, you understand business. Bottom line, Julie gets people and she’s willing to share a few tips on how we can to.

If you need a little firing up to have a great weekend, join Julie and me.

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August 24, 2018

" 'Thanksgiving feast in August?'

When dear friends visiting from a foreign country who just happened to miss last Thanksgiving, Christmas, and every other American holiday, the crazy family that I’m part of go all out to prepare a meal to remember. And it’s not just the food that made the night memorable, but the wild conversation and entertainment of our youngest that kept me laughing as I did my part cleaning up and carving the rest of the bird. While the laughter ensued from the dining room, the topic of relationships kept my mind racing.

Relationships are vital in Nikken. Or as my friend Brody Craney texted me yesterday, ‘I love the good people of Nikken’. Sharing products is one thing, but being part of a mission to spread concepts that truly impact peoples lives forever is totally different.

I think what really caught me off guard was that before, during, and after dinner we shared these life-changing products with our two friends living in Indonesia for their own issues and some of their friends who are desperate. What do other people discuss and share with friends when physical needs are brought up? I thought about this and was so incredibly grateful that we could offer solutions that can really help.

We don’t have to wait till November to celebrate our gratefulness. We don’t have to wait for anything to share Nikken and these amazing products. All we need is the listening ear of a friend who is open to hear. What really made the conversation the most fun was when I presented the new Water Pack to which our friend said, ‘That makes perfect sense to address all the water products in the home which is probably what I’ll start with.’

I am so grateful to Nikken today and the great relationships I get to be part of. We truly get to discover it AND live it!


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