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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Modeling 5 Pilars and Sheri Danzig & Dr Liliana on Saturday AM Live

Dr Liliana
Click Here to Listen to This Weeks Call with Dr Liliana.

Dr Liliana is a chiropractor who not only practices what she preaches, she goes the extra mile to research the best possible solutions for her clients. Her passion for clean water was discovered with the Nikken Waterfall and she truly believes that there’s no other home solution available on the market today. This isn’t just her opinion, she backs it up with many years of personal research."

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"February 22, 2019

Modeling the 5 Pillars

The Serious Kenna at United Nations
Of the many highlights taken from the Eagle Summit in Layton, sharing my heart on the subject of the 5 Pillars of Health will be something I’ll never forget. I wouldn’t consider my talk a powerful or deeply insightful message, just a few thoughts from doing my best to model the core philosophy of Nikken. When we daily seek ways to improve each area in our own lives, then we will make a better contribution to society.

One of the ways that a lot of us learn and remember a speech is the visual images presented. We see this all the time with a power point or short videos. Since I’m not a tech savvy guy, I simply chose to use different pieces of apparel to model some of the ways I attempt to achieve balance.

The Real Kenna at the United Nations

Body - Richard Simmons hot pink tank top. May I never wear this in public by itself!

Mind - Dollar Tree Readers to make me look smarter. Readers are leaders right?

Family - A Pillsbury Dough Boy apron keeps me protected during the morning routine. KVB anyone?

Society - Fire Dept ball cap helps identify me as one who will help when 911 is called. Just wanna serve.

Finances - The tux cummerbund. Not worn very often, but sure sends a message of $ achievement.

Kenna's Group on Floor of The United Nations
Bottom line is that this side of heaven, it’s nearly impossible to achieve 100% balance in all 5 Pillars, BUT when we daily seek to improve in each area, we’re definitely going to invoke change in ourselves and therefore in those around us.

This morning I couldn’t help but get a little teary-eyed because the first text received was from our oldest daughter as she walked into the United Nations building in New York City to take part in an event to raise awareness for women’s suffering around the globe. It is her passion to improve the lives of other ladies, something she was born to do? I may not know the answer to that question, but what I do know is that her parents have attempted to do their best by modeling balance and I think the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

And just for humors sake, I have to include this mornings agenda at the UN because I think the last presenter may seem trivial to some, but this is a vital issue for all of us!

-Secretary General
-Head representative of foreign policy in US Congress
-American diplomat to the UN
-President of a toilet paper company


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