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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Grounded To Walk and Ellen Stoddard

Ellen Stoddard
Click Here to Listen to This Weeks Call with Ellen Stoddard.

"Ellen Stoddard was told by her doctor that she’d never walk again. When I met her a few weeks ago, this mid 30 year old power house of energy wasn’t walking, she was skipping with delight. She cannot even pronounce the rare muscle disorder that was her diagnosis, but what she does know and is excited to share with others is that Nikken products changed her life. She is a living example of how fantastic Nikken’s products can be for the most extreme situations."

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"March 1, 2019

Grounded to Walk

‘Wow! That’s incredible’ and ‘Walk with me’ are the two quotes that jump out at me this week. As my new friend Bill Cottle reminded me, the research and medical evidence is great, but it’s the personal passionate stories that really seem to get peoples attention.

After 77 years of a very active lifestyle, over three decades of that climbing ladders every day, Dad’s knees finally gave out. They are both well beyond anything that natural or Nikken solutions could repair. This week he had the left one completely re-built. The first quote was from the physical therapist 48 hours after surgery. He just kept going on and on about how he’s not seen very many people in the 70’s with that much range of motion and the ability to do what Dad was doing. We talked about magnets, grounding, and a few other solutions to which he simply replied, ‘I’m a firm believer in taking care of this body and whatever we can do to get results like this…. Keep doing it!’

Pat Haffner broke her hip seven weeks ago and had emergency surgery the next day. I bumped into her last night and she said ‘walk with me’ as we were shopping. She was literally beaming with delight because she only had a few minutes to shop as she needed to get home for her final physical therapy session. At the last one the therapist told her that she didn’t need his services anymore due to her recovery being so good. She shared with me that she thoroughly believes that the Kenko Ground was the major contributor to her success. While I don’t know how that last appointment turned out yet, I do know that her husband Larry got this therapists attention by doing a few fun energy tests and following up on Pat’s question as to whether he keeps is recovery product methods ‘open’ to new technologies.

Both Dad & Pat are walking testimonies of Nikken solutions. Is it just the Kenko Ground that delivered these amazing post surgery results? I don’t think so. As my friend Barb Satterwhite(RN) says, I believe that this product is the missing link to bring everything together. An ultra complete wellness home made from the best of what God put in the earth for us to enjoy, WITHOUT having to live outside in the cold or hot weather.

Here’s what I stole from Bill who will share with us in a couple weeks how he’s been using it. I have been sharing it with friends. Watch it for yourself and then have some fun.

When you're ready for a fantastic educational documentary on this subject, grab the popcorn and your favorite beverage. This will blow your mind and the minds of your friends whom you share it with.


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