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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Good Friday and Herb Rapp on Saturday AM Live

Grace and Herb Rapp

Click Here to Listen to This Weeks Call with Herb Rapp

Herb Rapp summarized his San Diego experience in just 45 seconds on the Nikken prayer call this week. I was dumbfounded and asked him for an encore performance to which he gladly agreed. If you’ve never heard this former tennis pro’s story who’s still whipping it up in his 70’s, you’ll want to tune in. And considering he’s been with Nikken almost as long as the three decades we celebrated last weekend, he’s got a few life experiences to talk about.

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April 19, 2019

Good Friday

‘Why is it called Good Friday if he died?’ was the question I was asked this morning as I took a few minutes to read the historical account. My mind was racing with so many ways to answer our youngest daughters question and yet the thing that stuck out in my mind was what has transpired this week in present day. Both her older sisters visited Notre Dame in Paris with us in 2006 so we as a family were shocked to hear the news of the fire.
The short version of my Good Friday explanation to Addi was simply this… The book of Isaiah talks about the concept of beauty for ashes. Out of every tragedy, good will triumph. Or as Cardinal Dolan of New York City said, ‘Just as the cross didn’t have the last word, neither will this fire’.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this holiday is in the Spring when we here in the western part of the globe see new life coming forth in nature. It’s like this with Nikken as well. 91% of us were introduced to this company because of something wrong or not quite at 100%. Through a process of using life-improving products, new life comes forth. It’s hard and even painful at times, but in the end, it’s always better.

Consider the fact that in less than a week after a massive cathedral suffered a major tragedy that nearly one billion dollars has been donated to the restoration process. Human history was altered forever in just three days. Life always comes from death and therefore we can call it good. Have a fantastic Easter celebration!


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