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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Facts Tell, Stories Sell and Dennis Williams Heart Story on Saturday AM Live

Dennis Williams
Click Here to Listen to This Weeks Call with Dennis Williams.

"One of my favorite story tellers just happens to be the same person that introduced me to the Nikken story. Dennis Williams shared a few product stories with my family over 25 years ago and I’m still intrigued by his stories today. Many have not heard the story that’s closest to his heart, no pun intended. It’s the one about his family DNA and how he’s outlived all the men in his family by years, even four decades longer than his own brother. He will be sharing some of the things that he’s discovered about our wellness home to live a life that is truly heart healthy."

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"April 5, 2019

Facts Tell, Stories Sell

We sort of knew it wouldn’t take long, but I’m not sure we were anticipating the floodgate of stories that would be created from adding one more simple earth technology to the wellness home. Some describe it as the missing link where as others have asked the question, ‘how come we didn’t know about this before?’ or ‘how is it that this concept has been kept a secret?’. Like any discovery found in nature, it was just a matter of time before someone unearthed it and shared it with the masses.

Some of us Nikkenites are still waiting to purchase the newest product introduced last Fall, but most trusted the companies research and development by making an immediate investment. These are the folks who are ‘earthing’ everyday WITHOUT having to get their hands or feet dirty. The price is comparable to what’s available on Amazon and yet the construction is way better with 20% silver where most others have just 5%.

Here are just a sampling of what was shared with me in the last week. And remember, these are not medical claims, just peoples stories. Any results generated by using any Nikken product is merely a coincidence and is not endorsed by the company as a proven outcome 100% of the time.

‘For over ten years I’ve dealt with raging agony in my shoulders. Since this has plagued me 24/7, I’ve not slept much, had difficulty getting dressed, endured extreme stiffness in my hands, and just not enjoyed life like I should have been able to. Several prescription modalities have been used as well as a few over the counter drugs, but I knew that wouldn’t deal with the core issue, simply mask the discomfort. Being a retired cop and registered nurse for 50 years, I’ve always been skeptical and thorough in using anything on or in my body. I read the book ‘Earthing’ three times before the newest product arrived because I really like studying. I used the grounding product for 20 minutes on my hands and then 20 minutes on my feet one evening. The next morning I was shocked as I slept through the night and woke up with none of the issues I’d had before. I hadn’t slept in over a decade and I’m not sure which is more wonderful, the act of sleeping or waking without the agony in my shoulders and hands. I continue to ‘earth’ everyday and the big knobs on my hands have decreased significantly.’

Control the Grand Children!
‘My six grandchildren came over with my two daughters for a day of fun with grandma. They were their typical active selves and yet one by one they started doing things that were unacceptable. Time outs were not working so I finally resorted to telling all of them that they needed to spend some time with their hands on grandma’s new blanket. Miraculously we didn’t have one behavior issue the rest of the day!’

‘Both my wife and I have lived in a wellness home for over 20 years. We love seeking common sense solutions so this latest addition just made sense. We really didn’t understand it, but we watched the documentary ‘The Grounded’ and were more than intrigued. The list of issues we’ve dealt with in our bodies is pretty long, but the main things are common to folks in their late 70’s due to just not knowing basic wellness habits years ago. I have been on blood pressure medication for 15 years and our doctor put my wife on a light dose two years ago. We were both shocked after just a couple weeks to discover that our blood pressure has dropped a bunch since using this new product. We check it regularly and it is now significantly lower for both of us. I was so alarmed that I called our friend who introduced us to grounding to inquire if this is normal. He laughed and simply said, ‘Oh, you mean that it’s helping to ‘normalize’ your body?’

‘I was riveted to the grounded movie as soon as I watched it. I immediately sent out four texts with the link encouraging these friends to watch it so they could learn about this great resource God has given us. My husbands miserable shoulder is so much more tolerable, his stiff hands and wrists are much better, and sleeping has been amazing for both of us. I used to use several of the magnetic products all over my body to get back in shape after my work-outs but haven’t had to this last week and yesterday I even did my 60 sit-ups. It’s amazing. At 77, I’m in love!!!’

‘My acupuncturist told me that she regrets not taking photos of my back and spine. She said that the entire structure of my body has changed for the better since I’ve been grounding. She also said that she’s never seen anything like it. Since my accident three years ago I have endured much agony and the weekly appointments to the doctors, chiropractic, acupuncturist, etc. are bringing some relief, but the addition of earthing has made the biggest difference. Even my chiropractor told me that the inflammation in my body has been reduced by at least 50%.’

The Grounded Trailer(2:30)

The Grounded Movie(1:04:47)


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