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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Water-A Family Affair and Power Family Ladies

Click Here to Listen to This Weeks Call with four Amazing Ladies; Suzanne, Ann, Laurie and Karen.

"Suzanne Steele started her journey with Nikken more than two decades ago after a life-altering accident. Her aunt Ann after many sleepless nights and then her sister Laurie after carrying an extra 100 pounds most of her adult life. Cousin Karen is now part of the family enjoying the benefits of the Nikken products and this group recently traveled to Florida for a wedding. ‘Nikken on the go’ has been a theme for this family because wherever they find themselves, they’re always enjoying the benefits of these great products."

Read Vance's Tip of the Week

"April 26, 2019

Water-A Family Affair

NPR reported this week a pediatric study that has been haunting and empowering me since I heard the news. They took 8000 children, ages 2-18, and surveyed their drinking habits. Of these, 20% do NOT consume any water what so ever. And these same 20% have double the caloric daily intake due to the sugar in the soda, juice, and energy drinks that pass over their lips.

As a teacher of sixth and seventh graders, my wife has a front row seat in this production of insanity. Parents who struggle getting their kids to focus on simple things like reading, writing, and math while bringing them to school every day with a beverage and breakfast from the local coffee shop.

Growing up in the country, our daily intake of beverages was pretty simple. Mom never purchased soda and if we wanted juice it was made from frozen concentrate and we always had to mix it with five cans of water instead of just three so it would last more than a day. So all we were left with was plain ol’ boring water.

Since our bodies are 72% water (same percentage as the earths surface), if we want to see improvements in daily functions, we might want to replenish this simple crucial element. Half our body weight in ounces is the easiest way that I know how to do this. As the weather warms up and we start to ‘glisten’, it’s a good idea to increase this amount. Or on a day like today when the youngest wakes up with a tummy ache, its a great idea to encourage consuming H2O from the Sports bottle because its a little more alkaline than the Waterfall. Offsetting any virus in the body can be accomplished faster by increasing less acidic food and beverages.

Next week I’ll reference another news factoid I heard weeks ago how young people on college and university campuses are spending upwards of $50 on water bottles that are nothing more than a carrying container. No filter, no thermal benefit, just a simple bottle. When we look at the cost of the Nikken sports bottle for less than $50, that excuse of cost isn’t a factor. And then the Waterfall for just over $300 with a monthly maintenance cost of less than $20, the best water on the planet is affordable for the entire family!"


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