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Saturday, August 10, 2019

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and Andrea Shipman (Super Mom)

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"Andrea Shipman raised 12 people and taught them how to utilize what Nikken has to contribute to a proper wellness home. She may not be a perfect parent, but I think she’d definitely be on the list of all-star candidates to be awarded super star status. As in the past, random questions of how to use Nikken solutions for every type of situation are strongly welcomed. Momma Andrea will do her best as she’s probably had pretty close to every situation during her time of raising this dynamic dozen."

PPE - Vance Suited Up
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"August 8, 2019


After 54 weeks of not having a structure fire in the small community of Corbett, Oregon, I was quickly reminded of the importance of Personal Protective Equipment. Suiting up for a barn fire only takes a few seconds to pull on the bunker gear and then about a minute to strap on all the components of a SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus).

In any occupation, and even more critical in the occupation called life, we must utilize our PPE. I hadn’t planned on playing firefighter on this day, but things got a little derailed when the pager went off at 9:34 with the details of this barn, it’s location, and what apparatus was requested. The important thing for me was that I had already prepared for this day, like any other day, by starting with the Nikken Wellness regime including my Jade GreenZymes and Immunity dumped under my tongue for faster absorption to feed my brain what it needs to function properly.

Vance after Weed
While driving to the station, I reviewed in my head what I needed to do in order to be a team player and contribute, rather than add confusion to the anxiety of the situation. This is where drinking as much from my Nikken sports bottle helps. My only mistake was leaving it on top of my locker so by the time the fire scene was cleaned up, I was pretty well dehydrated even though I’d consumed several bottles of water. Having Nikken’s insoles definitely helps with balance and strength due to the demand of dragging hose and pulling debris.

While I could share more details of this exciting event, what really caused me to be grateful to Nikken was that in less than two hours, I could utilize a simple item called the Nikken Sports Bottle and regain hydration so that every aspect of my body was returned to normal. Just like any other normal day, it’s not so much what goes on our bodies, although the Powerband bracelets, necklace, and Sports Socks are awesome, it’s what I put in my body that counts. While most of us won’t ever charge into a burning structure, isn’t it great we can take care of our bodies with the Nikken PPE everyday."

Vance Rogers

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