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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Recover Part 2 and BDZ Stories

"French Manicure" courtesy of NIKKEN!!
Jean Dunphy's Healthy Na
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"As Nikken continues to introduce new products and solutions for our everyday needs, I’m pleased to report some early results that I keep hearing about the BDZ. This part of the ‘bone buddies’ trio is proving to be quite the sleeper product when it comes to maintaining little things like healthy nails. Several people have spoken up on calls so I’ve asked a few to share their results. And if it’s doing this for nails, what’s it doing for our bones?!?!"

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"August 30, 2019

Recovery Part 2

Setting out on an 18 hour road trip to deliver our daughter to Southern California so she can start the next chapter of her life brings out the mechanical man in me. Just like our physical bodies, I’m quick to admit the things that I know absolutely nothing about when it comes to maintaining a vehicle which is why I trust a mechanic cousin for advice and service. Don’t get me wrong, I can hold my own with oil changes, all fluid level checks, tire air pressure, and cosmetics, but changing struts, catalytic converters, and brake drums is a little above my ability.

An annual membership to AAA for $85 for us is almost the same as a Nikken renewal of $79. When you use it, it’s the cheapest insurance available for peace of mind during a trip like the one we’re on. We get certain discounts with AAA that add up just as a little bit invested each month into Nikken products adds up to huge savings over the long haul. While at home, we live in a Nikken wellness home and have all the essentials to maintain our bodies in their peak. I could not and would not live without any of these things. As it is on the road, I did everything I could to prepare our vehicle for this journey and am doing daily things to keep it running.

Physical recovery while on a journey like this takes extra work on our part. I have to consume more water to maintain hydration. I have to sleep a little longer to get those REM stages. I have to take a bit more Jades to balance out the different nutrients. I have to seek quiet places to take mental breaks. I have to…. You get the point. If I don’t do these things while on vacation to recover, I’m going to need a vacation AFTER our vacation!

As I said to Stacey yesterday, I’m so grateful to God that He allowed us to discover Nikken when we did. I certainly don’t know everything there is to know to maintain this physical body, but I am open to learning more. I’m sitting outside a coffee shop on a college campus watching hundreds of parents struggle to keep up with their children who are basically half their age. I’m not as fast as I used to be, but I do know my body can recover faster (both physically and mentally) because of Nikken. 


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