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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Full Moon Crazy and Geoff Avery-Foy & Kimball Sargent on Saturday AM Live!

Geoffrey Avery-Foy and Kimball Sargent
Click here to Listen to this weeks call. "Geoffrey Avery-Foy and Kimball Sargent are one of the craziest couples I know. What they lack in physical stature is over compensated in their zeal for life. He was a pulmonary researcher and she is a nurse psychotherapist when not being a Nikken Professional Networker. As members of the 2018 Team Kaizen, I think they might have a thing or two to teach us not only about building a Nikken business, but having the most fun at the same time.

Put on your party hat and grab a cup of Ten-4 to keep up with Geoff and Kimball. I know I’ll be doing both!"

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March 2, 2018
"Full Moon Crazy?

Many experts say that the full moon brings about changes in the weather, peoples emotions, animal activities, etc. What Nikken has done and continues to do isn’t based on the cycles of the moon, just simply a passion for improving wellness in all 5 Pillars.

The re-formulation of four of our nutritional products and now a crazy sale on the most affordable, alkaline producing home water system could be derived as a full moon insane idea. Maybe the Southern California sunshine has finally impacted Kurt Fulle, Jeff Isom, and the others that make these decisions. I hardly doubt it!

Click the Salt Lake Summit 2018 Tab Above - This Summit was Amazing.
Audio Recordings of Complete Summit,
Videos of Thursday Night and Saturday.
We have a perfect opportunity to introduce and re-introduce Nikken to people with these products. Send your customers to your website. All the details are there. Use the Waterfall cards from Do whatever crazy things need to be done!

Everybody needs water and nutrients. We have the best at unbelievably affordable prices. Let’s go full moon crazy and impact peoples lives!


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